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It’s All In The Details: Effectively Driving Brand Awareness Through Sampling

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

There is an art and science to designing efficient sampling programs. The team at Aha! has decades of combined experience when it comes to producing turnkey sampling solutions from kickoff to delivery and beyond. If you’re looking to deliver a taste, feel, smell or similar experience to achieve brand awareness and new customer acquisition, we got you! Read on to learn more about how Aha! drives authentic and effective brand awareness.

Did you know? After the cost of goods, 30-50% of a program’s budget can be spent on fulfillment and shipping? With rising costs, it’s more important than ever to streamline these programs and consider everything from sample design to packing to the best way to deliver. All of these strategies are implemented before it even reaches your consumer!

The design of your sample is the first priority. While a tube of lotion might deliver a better product experience than a sachet, there is an added expense that likely won’t lead to more engagement and conversion. In addition to a more expensive product, these decisions could lead to higher packaging and delivery costs than a thin sachet, effectively driving up the cost per consumer.

Considering an efficient way to pack and deliver the product is our next step. While we love to discuss brand strategy and objectives, determining the most efficient way to get your product into the hands of your most desirable consumers will have a big impact on reaching your goals. We carefully match the number of samples delivered to the venue traffic and storage capabilities.

The next step is to consider how to drive your messaging and unique call-to-action. Creating promotional elements like a semi-permanent easel display, professional letters, activity sheets for kids and even food truck magnets helps to further customize your target’s user experience and provide context with the environment they are received. These brand touchpoints further deliver your message in the most relevant way possible!

Working directly with printers, third-party logistics, fulfillment houses and transportation companies simplifies the process for our clients by providing only one point of contact. Our founder has over 20-years industry experience and has cultivated the best in class partners and discount rates.

Aha! Marketing designs, fulfills and ships millions of samples per year through thousands of trusted locations. From food that requires temperature controlled storage to heavy beverages, our unique industry experience helps you reach your target consumer, with scale. We are the industry go-to when it comes to effectively utilizing materials, machines and humans to deliver your samples.

When executing a sampling program, the most important thing is to deliver an amazing experience between your brand and target consumer. When your sample is delivered in a relevant environment by someone known and trusted, it might even lead to an Aha! Moment.

If you’re interested in sampling a brand, what should you think about?

  • Check Your Sample Look at the size and weight of your sample form and ensure it's efficiently designed and packed. Is it packed with as little waste as possible?

  • Packing and Delivery Work with your sampling supplier to find out how they plan to pack your cases (eg. 200 to a carton to match venue traffic). That way you can save on corrugated and other additional fulfillment costs.

  • Work Smart Not Hard Think about how to minimize effort on your team. It is key to work with one supplier who will handle all of your logistics so you can focus on other brand growth strategies and action plans.

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