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The Rise of Everyday Influencers: How Experts Shape Consumer Choices

In today’s marketing landscape, there is one category of influencer that wields an almost unsuspecting amount of power when it comes to reshaping consumer choices. These are the opposite of the digital influencers of the 2020s, because their recommendation is driven by trust built through a personal connection. Experts, aka “everyday influencers” hold a lot of influence when it comes to those who seek their advice and many of them don’t even realize it! 

Think about who target consumers may seek advice from on a topic they are less familiar with. For example: 

  • A first time cat mom looking for the best kitty litter. 

  • A new parent looking for advice on treating diaper rash may ask their pediatrician about which cream to use. 

  • A newly-diagnosed celiac patient may ask their gastroenterologist for a good gluten-free snack. 

Let’s dive into some of the who’s and why’s of these extremely impactful professionals who hold the power to introduce, grow and shape the brands relevant to their industry.

What experts hold influence?

Our network of influencers, also known as Aha! Connect, consists of tens of thousands of professionals across industries in the US and Canada. There’s no network that we can’t create to share a product hand-to-hand with its target audience. Our strategists and clients have identified numerous, and sometimes innovative, paths to its consumer. While it may be somewhat easy to consider the impact of professionals like a teacher, doctor or personal trainer, the opportunities are almost endless! Looking to get into the hands of active Gen Z-ers? Try bike, surf and skate shops! Or busy professionals? Try coworking and office spaces! It’s simple: if you have customers that already trust you, they’ll likely trust the brands you recommend.

When to engage experts to recommend your brand? 

While virtually any time is a good time to get a brand into the hands of professionals (and subsequently, their customers), there are a couple of instances where this method of hand-to-hand recommendation is especially impactful. 

New product introduction: New brand or product? It’s the perfect time to get your brand to the experts. It takes a lot of time and money to convince consumers to try a new product via traditional marketing methods, so prove how great it is by delivering a sample right to them! Statistically, your audience will be more likely to purchase after getting it! 

Consumer education: Does your product require a little more explanation or education that is difficult to convey on the shelf? Insert the professional. They’re more likely to understand the why of your brand and have the opportunity to explain it 1-1 to their customer.  

Why an everyday influencer? Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re being influenced! 

Whether through direct advice shared by an expert or implied recommendation (i.e. a product being sold in their establishment) the everyday influencer is at work day in and out! At Aha! our team works every day matching brands with their perfect network. We asked our team about the last time they were given a recommendation from a professional that led them to purchase, and, as expected, even we are susceptible to being influenced! 

“For me it was my dermatologist - she suggested Dove shower soap since it’s 99% pure, as well as CeraVe lotion. Both are mainstays in my home now!”

“I was given a natural energy drink from my yoga studio - I never would have thought I would continue to purchase them.” 

“The last time I went to my aesthetician, she suggested a new face wash that they sell but can also be purchased at drug stores. I bought a bottle later that night when I stopped into Walgreens. I love it and will continue to purchase it in the future.”

“My chiropractor recommended Arnica cream so I purchased it - it was a game changer!” 

“My cat has oral dysbiosis - we asked the vet how to help treat it, and we were put onto a prebiotic dental powder that we love.”

The influence of everyday experts in shaping consumer choices cannot be underestimated. These professionals build trust through personal connections, making their recommendations more powerful than most. From personal trainers to pediatricians, and from gastroenterologists to vets, these experts play a pivotal role in guiding consumer decisions, often without even realizing their impact.

Aha! Connect exemplifies the power of these influencers, placing products directly into the hands of trusted professionals who can introduce, grow, and shape brand relevance within their industries. Whether it’s launching a new product or providing consumer education, leveraging the credibility of everyday influencers ensures a direct and meaningful connection with target audiences.

Do you know an everyday influencer? Tell them to sign up for our network below!

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