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Stimulate your Senses with Product Sampling

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

As we learned last month, product sampling is a perceived risk reduction strategy. This month, we examine the power that our human senses have in product sampling.

Taste and smell depend strongly on one another. In fact, much of our taste is dependent on the ability to smell the food we consume. If you don’t believe this, try plugging your nose when you eat a fruity flavored candy. The flavor will probably seem diluted or perhaps non-existent.

The different senses interact in different ways. Taste and touch are actually experienced by the body and are more immediate in the purchase responsiveness. Seeing, hearing and smelling are perceived but not experienced by the body. However, the intertwining of our senses really does work together as we experience stimuli.

Let’s see how this works in a new product sampling strategy:

Susan is a member at a health club. She’s noticed promotions at the club for a new line of citrus flavored energy drinks, but has been unsure whether she would like these drinks and thus has been resistant to purchase these new products.

On a recent visit, free cans of the energy drink were being offered to club members. She saw the sample drinks at the counter and decided to try a mango flavored drink. As she tasted the drink, she immediately liked the refreshing flavor which reminded her of a recent tropical vacation. The aroma of mango helped her enjoy the subtle but distinctive flavor. She liked the feel of the icy cylinder shaped can in her hand and also enjoyed the smoothness of the drink. The mango drink has some carbonation, so she enjoys the sounds of the fizz and the distinctive “pop” when she opens the can. After this experience, Susan purchased a 6-pack of the product she sampled.

Even though Susan was not actively seeking a new energy drink, the sensory experiences she had with a free product sample activated her purchase behavior, resulting in the purchase of the product. As an added benefit, displayed with the sample was a coupon for $2 off a 6-pack, further encouraging purchase.

If you are looking to achieve a sensory experience during marketing initiatives, we got you! Contact us today to learn more about our turnkey programs and chat with a strategist.

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