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Free Tastes Enclosed!

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

You already know that you aren't going to get a taste by reading this blog, but wouldn't it be neat to try a physical product through the internet?

Delivering your brand into the hands of consumers through someone known and trusted is becoming increasingly relevant. The fact is, the #1 way to drive trial is through sampling. Product sampling gives your consumers a taste (feel or smell) that you can't deliver digitally.

Like Famous Amos, who shared samples of their classic cookies with adventurous food truck goers accross the country

Or Fairlife, who got their Core Power protein drinks directly into the hands of personal trainers, providing their clients delicious and nutritious reccomendations

Or Bob's Red Mill, who wanted to specifically reach patients who suffer from Celiac disease

If your brand has a taste or efficacy proposition, has exciting news like a product launch, or simply requires more education best communicated by a professional, sampling is probably for you!

Fitness Kits Returning Fall 2022!

Want to partner with other great brands to reach healthy active consumers?

Our 2021 Fitness Kits:

  • Were distributed to 25k health conscious consumers nationally through gyms and fitness studios

  • Included a survey where the client discovered that 95% of their participants found the kits valuable to their members indicating a high liklihood of purchasing products

  • Fround that 80% of recipients were unaware of specific brands prior to receiving the samples and coupons through the Fitness Kits

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