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Aha! Moment: Peelgood

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Our namesake is about a sudden realization, inspiration, or insight related to a consumer’s shopping journey. It’s often a moment of clarity or delight, resulting in a behavior change. That’s why we like to share other “Aha!” moments from the invention of the crockpot to the Post-it.

Art has always been in the eye of the viewer and means something uniquely different to each person. When curators, Beauty and Brawn were seeking a way to create more of an immersive gallery experience for public art they joined forces with the tech founder of PixelStix to form PeelGood. Visitors could now use their smart phone to interact with murals in public spaces!

Then, through a series of not-so-random occurrences and thanks to Instagram, PeelGood met Dunefarmhouse, a rental home in a green home community. The “ahas” were unstoppable they launched a case study home where the technology allowed house guests to stay in a “living gallery.” The digital technology was applied to art throughout the house, wallpaper and guest books. Imagine tapping your phone on Wallpaper and seeing videos, local guides, history, and even uploading your own story. Their art-meets-technology approach is a game-changer!

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