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Match your brand to a target audience through one of our proprietary networks in the US and Canada. Check out some of our most utilized networks below, and contact us to learn more about custom network creation. 

  • Healthcare
    Generate trial and recommendation through general practitioners, pediatricians, childbirth educators, OB/GYN and specialty healthcare providers like gastroenterologists, dermatologists and diabetes educators. Product samples, special offers and professional education are delivered to healthcare providers and patients at the point-of-care. Activation may be targeted to patients, caregivers, medical specialty, medical condition, retail draw area and more.
  • Fitness
    Generate awareness and trial through health clubs, personal trainers, and specialty studios including yoga, barre, pilates, spinning, CrossFit and more. Branded messages and products are delivered through trusted fitness influencers like personal trainers and class instructors, reaching both the fitness professionals and their clients. Messaging is delivered in an environment where consumers are most receptive to learning about products that benefit their health and well-being.
  • Petcare
    Product samples, offers, and new pet parent kits are delivered by animal rescue staff and veterinarians at a time when important brand decisions are being made. Networks include animal shelters, veterinarians, boarding and grooming. Our team is proud to have an extensive depth of knowledge and experience in this channel and is trusted by animal rescue organizations across the country.
  • Restaurants and Food Trucks
    Deliver offers and samples through our exclusive network of food trucks and restaurants. Provides brands with an opportunity to reach millennials in key metropolitan markets. Campaigns are delivered through the food truck operators and restaurant owners, resulting in increased sampling efficiencies.
  • Wellness & Nutrition
    Branded media, samples, and offers are displayed or presented hand-to-hand during a consultation or session. Specialties include registered dieticians, nutritionists and alternative health practitioners including acupuncturists, biofeedback therapists, holistic practitioners, chiropractors and more. Complementary & alternative medicine is one of the fastest growing segments of the health & wellness industry, with 55% of Americans utilizing some form.
  • New Moms
    Sample products to new and expectant moms through doulas, childbirth educators, obstetric practices, and pediatricians. Educational literature, product samples, and offers are delivered by trusted providers during prenatal and newborn visits. 80% of mothers rate the information provided by their maternity care provider as “completely” or “very” trustworthy, more than any other source of information. 95% of obstetricians and pediatricians say they find Aha! product sampling programs helpful to their patients.
  • Millennial Families
    Your brand is presented to millennial families through trusted and credentialed professionals including teachers, daycare providers, early childhood educators, coaches, camp counselors and pediatricians. Brands are presented to consumers through known influencers within a consumers own community, resulting in trusted recommendation and purchase.
  • Education
    Reach parents and families through the most trusted and credentialed educators including pre-school, daycare, elementary and middle school teachers (K-12), coaches, and camp counselors. Brand samples, education and offers are presented to consumers through known influencers, resulting in top-of-mind awareness and trial.
  • Colleges, Universities & Trade Schools
    College marketing and product sampling is offered through student activities, health centers, fitness facilities, career services and housing/residence life and Greek life (sororities and fraternities). 75% of students use on-campus recreation center facilities, programs and services. Of those participants, 80% participate in campus recreation programs and/or activities at least once/week, offering high exposure. The sorority and fraternity environments generate strong peer interaction, word-of-mouth, and social recommendations.

Are you looking for another network? We got you! Contact us today to learn more:

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